Credit Recovery Options

Credit Recovery is required when a student earns an "F" grade in a class required for high school graduation.  The following is a list of credit recovery options.  

Summer School Credit Recovery 

Brigham Young University Online Courses (BYU)

Setting: Online setting
Cost: $150/course (cost may vary)
Time frame: Student work at their own pace and can sign up at any time during the year; however, check with BYU for deadline dates
Registration information BYU Independent Study Online Courses 

Jeffco's 21st Century Virtual Academy (Credit Recovery & Advancement)

Setting: Online
Cost: $165 for .5 credit
Dates: Application opens on May 1st - May 29th 2019 (orientation June 3rd)
Additional Information:  Summer Credit Advancement Information
                                              Summer Credit Recovery Information 
To Enroll:  JVA Credit Advancement - Summer 2019
                   JVA Credit Recovery - Summer 2019
                  Counselor Verification for Credit Advancement
                  Counselor Verification for Credit Recovery 
Your counselor must fill out a Verification form; Please alert your counselor if you enroll.  

North Area Night School - Summer Session (NANS) 

Setting: In-Classroom
Cost: $115 for .5 credit
Dates: TBA
Registration: In person at the Arvada High School Lobby on May 30th 7:-- - 12:00pm
Additional Information: NANS summer session
To enroll: Enrollment From  


School Year Credit Recovery 

Brigham Young University Online Courses (BYU)

Type of class: online
Cost: $150/course (cost may vary)
Time frame: Student work at their own pace and can sign up at any time during the year; however, check with BYU for deadline dates
Registration information BYU Independent Study Online Courses 

North Area Night School at Arvada High School (NANS)

Type of class: blended online and in-classroom 
Cost: $125/course 
Time frame: Spring & Summer semesters.  
Registration information: 

Jeffco's 21st Century Virtual Academy

Type of class: online
Cost: $20
Time frame: Fall, Spring,& Summer 
Registration information: Virtual Academy enrollment

Graduate on Time Program at McLain High School (GOT)

Type of class: classroom 
Cost: $50/course 
Time frame:  Fall and Spring semester.  Fall Semester 2018 registration is  September 10th 2018  or September 17th 2018  at 6:30pm.  Spring Semester 2019 registration is  January 28th 2019  or February 11th 2019 at 6:30pm
Registration information:  GOT Counselor Application Form   and GOT Family/Student Application Form

Additional information: 

  • Offered for Seniors who are not enrolled in any other credit recovery and do not need more than 2 additional credits for graduation 
  • Students are required to attend orientation/registration with a parent and bring a copy of their transcript and GOT paper work. 
  • Students are required to attend Monday-Thursday from 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Fall semester course work must be completed by December 20th 2018
  • Spring semester course work must be completed by May 9th 2019

Farmer Credit Recovery

Type of class: online through  Edgenuity 
Cost: TBA
Time frame:  TBA
Registration information: TBA

Career Explore Program-

Career Explore is a unique program that actively reengages students in school through career readiness activities that leverage work-based activities and internships. We strive to provide hope for students to create a successful and bright future. Wheat Ridge High School believes that all students should be provided with options that will assist them in becoming reengaged learners and career ready, while providing them with various learning options outside of a traditional classroom/school setting to earn a high school diploma.
    • Students who are enrolled in CE and need credit recovery have the following options
      • Show competency in course standards through a body of evidence that includes 2 or more of the following.It is important to note that students in CE will not receive a traditional grade, but will earn a Pass/Fail grade instead:
        • Accuplacer score of minimum district requirement or higher
        • 80% or higher on Edgenuity prescriptive testing
          • If less than 80% is earned, students will need to take assigned course work in order to get to 80% completion
        • TABE test qualifying score
        • Capstone work/Career Explore subject course work that shows proficiency based on core teacher evaluation

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